LR Art House

An Abstract artist, Laura Roosevelt is known for her layering technique, her luminous color, and the buildup of textures. The great-granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, she pioneered Historic American Pop, an art form incorporating iconic photographs.

In 2018, Roosevelt opened LR Art House, an intimate Dallas gallery.

Laura Roosevelt

American painter Laura Roosevelt has spent her life developing a visual language on canvas.

While severe dyslexia made reading difficult as a child, paintings were orderly. Their colors, shapes, textures and balance made sense. Roosevelt was captivated by the Italian masters and inspired by the stories behind the images.

An Abstract artist, she is known for her layering technique, which leads the observer deeper into the piece and into one’s subconscious. For Roosevelt, the combination of luminous color and the buildup of textures is reflective of the complexity of our human condition.

The great-granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Laura Roosevelt is passionate about history and has pioneered a new form of American art: Historic American Pop. These pieces incorporate iconic photographs with textured, abstract backgrounds, reshaping the experience of those moments frozen in time.

In 2018, Roosevelt launched LR Art House, a different kind of boutique gallery. The intimate gallery invites visitors to experience art in a warm, home-like setting in a chic Dallas townhouse. Committed to reaching young people through art, Roosevelt is developing The Roosevelt Center for Arts Enrichment in her hometown of Dallas, a nonprofit teaching resource for art and history. She sits on the board of Ken Burns’ foundation, The Better Angels Society, where she is dedicated to helping tell America’s story.

A graduate of Denison University with degrees in Studio Art and Art History, Roosevelt holds a Master’s degree from NYU. Her work has been exhibited around the world.