Laura Roosevelt
Laura Roosevelt

Laura Roosevelt is an abstract mixed media painter. Laura’s layering technique speaks out with mixtures of colors and textures that leads the observer deeper into her works of art and into the subconscious. Her stories and statements within each painting are driven by the layers of energy Laura receives experiencing her personal layers in life.

Each of her pieces has is its own personality deep within intuitive meaning and feeling. Her inspirations often begin by studying a poem, a Biblical story, a Joseph Campbell symbol, a feeling, colors in a garden, contemplating a favorite artist’s work while visualizing how to weave within the depth of a painting.

The effect of her textures is nuanced with subtleties of each expression and is essential to the building of the composition. Each layer is attributed to an event, something to say or just a moment in time.

Laura’s methods of texturizing with illuminating colors, within each layer, visually interprets the chapters in her story. The resulting works translate into an artistic language charged with a feminine energy that creates dimensional beauty while channeling a unique sensitivity, a touch of sensuality and movement.

Texture and color are touched as each layer determines the next, and rather than forcing her will, Laura attempts to give the work control to evolve freely and return to the flow she is pondering.

“I let the paint and materials do what they truly are supposed to do as I build the painting”.

Laura is a graduate of Denison University with degrees in Studio Art and Art History, Roosevelt also holds a master’s degree from NYU. Laura is the great granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Her work can be found in private collections from coast to coast in the United States, in the Bahamas, London and St. Barths.