Ode to Joan III, “A Foggy Lullaby”

There are two artists, named Joan Mitchell that I admire. This piece is inspired by both. Joan, the abstract expressionist painter, known for her sweeping abstract landscapes in blues, yellows, purples and pinks. The underpinnings of this piece are my remembrances of her work. In 2016, I pulled it back out. I began to listen to the other Joan, the singer song writer, as I pondered them both I realized they were both deep into blue, one creating lullabies with words and the other with brush strokes. The title is taken from within the song Blue and the sweeping strokes recall of the paintings from the late 1960’s done while leaving America.

Dimensions 60 x 42 Inches
Medium Acrylic, Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board
Year 2013-2018
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